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Reclaimed Wood Mantles

What are reclaimed wood mantles?

Reclaimed wood mantles are refinished wood barn beams removed from some of Northeast Indiana's most remarkable aged barns. Hand-crafted by our partners at Outdoor Appeal, the landscape and design experts, each piece is uniquely designed to bring out personality that adds tremendous character to any project.

Why reclaimed wood with MDM Stoneworks, Inc.?

We have the ability to meet your specific design necessities when it comes to reclaimed wood mantles. We understand that every project and customer vision is different, and our system is designed to accommodate this. Contact us with you design and we will work with you.

Can we see the process of reclaiming wood beams?

Yes you can. We are asked this question a lot and want to illustrate the craftsmanship and expertise required to finish these pieces.


Your new project awaits.

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