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Prestige Stone Products

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Prestige Weatherledge

Our Weatherledge series is an attractive interweaving of stone that will make your next venture stand out. Eye-catchingly honed, its style is not as rugged and complex. Its character is seen by smoother edges and rectangular pieces that draw you in to its allure.

Stone size: 4"-23"x1½"-6"

Prestige Ledgestone

The Ledgestone series lends abundant character to any project. Rustic with varying depths, the texture is an appealing mix that pleases the eye. Jagged and tapered pieces abound, grasping the essence of the natural ledgestone we mold.

Stone size: 1½"-6"x4"-25

Prestige Fieldstone

Choosing a homey look with stone brings an exciting blend of variables to choose from. Our Fieldstone clarifies this style and brings it to the forefront. With a varied and irregular woodsy union of shapes, this series is a warm invitation to come home and unwind.

Stone size: 4"-22"

Prestige Old County Ledge

With smooth faces and a modern, angular edge, Old County Ledge is the stone of choice for those seeking an orderly look. This series is a well-organized combination of varied size and texture, but with an undeviating line.

Stone size: 1½"-7"x4"-23½"

Prestige Limestone

Regional favorites tell a story about an area. A popular pick in Ohio, Limestone is the go-to preference with its old world flair. A chiseled look with a charming complexity, its a stone that gives your project the look it needs.

Stone size: 2½"-7x5"-22½"

Prestige Nativestone

Found in the local Lake Erie regions of Ohio, Nativestone is a stirring blend of natural colors that enhance your design. Square, but with softer edges, it brings an idyllic, uncomplicated feel to the project you're creating.

Stone size: 2½"-7"x4"-22"

Prestige Pro Stack

With a modern look that contains clean, contemporary lines, Pro Stack brings you current style. Its panels are uncluttered, longish and straight-edged. Simple yet dynamic, this choice of stone gives you the orderly, unfettered look you've been seeking."

Prestige Rustic Manor Ledge

Rustic Manor Ledge transports you to a time when each detail was crafted by hand. A place where hand-hewn walls of warm character were inlaid with provincial stone - this series brings that to life. With variegated stone shapes and rough-cut lines, it lends a fetching Italianate-look to your project that will exude sophistication.

Prestige Quarry Cut

With a stylish and edgy feel, Quarry Cut fits the bill when you want a well-arranged look. Chic and cultivated with its stack ledge and smaller thin pieces, it brings you uniform lines and diverse color. Perfect for the distinct look to set your design apart.

Salvaged Wood Stone

Rugged, yet stunningly modern, we've designed a beautiful new look for your home. Minutely detailed, it brings a fresh line to your space with its weathered details. The striking reclaimed texture of this stone will give your project the finish that it deserves.